A Month in a Life

May 2nd 2011

Well well well, it seems like its already time for another monthly update! HOLY CRAP ITS MAY! So I am actually procrastinating on a paper I started yesterday…so instead of writing that I am writing this. I am still writing though right? And I mean, this couuuuld be considered literature….but I do not think the professor is expecting this, in English, and absolutely not relevant to the Argentinean Literature. So the book he made us read is 600 pages. Yes 600 pages of Argentinean literature with a national Spanish which includes expressions that don’t even appear in the dictionary. Great. I read half…well almost half..which is okkk…considering I linked it with Plato’s Symposium somehow and it made sense to the professor…sooo…3 pages on that, one page left. But this first.

Otherwise classes are going fine, I am really into my drawing class and absolutely love it. My other seminars are going well also, so far. The only problem with the seminars is that I do not really get an evaluation until I write a final paper which is no pressure at all. Ah. The professors are all really nice to me and also helpful so it’s okay. (yay! Gotta love the accent! It does come in handy once in a while actually :p)

Speaking of my accent, apparently it has gotten better and my Rs do not sound tooooo French, well, in certain words. Anyways we were going out to the club the other night, and we were on the list but the guy would not let us in and we had to cue. So Mila tells me to just go and talk to him. So I go up to this huge Argentinean guy and I’m like: Hi! I was just wondering if my friend and I have to do the lineup because we are on the list. Ahahaha. Then he asks me on who’s list, I tell him. He looks at me, looks at my friend and he let us in. Bam. First success.

The month of April has actually flown by pretty fast, I am sure back at home as well, finals are always busy times! Mid April I took the train to Buenos Aires to visit my friends Olle and Vera. The train here is not used very frequently, it only leaves on certain days and times and you have to book it at least two weeks in advance because it is so cheap. Normally buses are the best way to get around in Argentina: the seats almost fully recline, they have tvs and hot meals..I have even gotten my own little bottle of wine on some rides! The return ticket for the capital is about 400 pesos. My train cost me 48 pesos (for my return ticket). That is about 12$CAD. It was really cheap, but damn it was a shit ride! Ahaha. The train stalled a few times, it was pretty shacky and well…really uncomfortable. What was awesome about that ride was the elderly folks I met on it. Ahahaha yes that is right. An elderly couple shared their mate and homemade cake and stories with me. The man, who is 71 years young, runs and wins marathons in Argentina! He was on national television and everything! They were really cute.

So I finally arrive to Buenos Aires and I go to Olle’s apartment. After catching up a bit and drinking mate, he went to school and I went downtown to walk around and shop. That day, a Monday, the 18th of April, was quite a day. With only two hours of sleep and one day of walking around, I finally try and buy converse and my card is declined in 4 different banks as well as the store`s paying system. I end up spending the next 2hours angry and crying (yes I wouldn`t usually but the tiredness at this point had reached its limits ahaha) on the phone with Mastercard, who’s employee misunderstood me during my last call and blocked my card (for no reason!). But they couldn’t unblock it (for some other reason!). I ended up getting a cash advance through western union the next day (because I had no debit card with me, nice one Dania.). The next few days were grey and rainy and also Easter holidays. There was literally no one downtown. To the point that we took the bikes out and were riding in the middle of the streets ahaha. I went to a few museums, met up with Vera, we had lasagna night with Olle`s Chilean housemates and all hung out until early in the morning just talking, listen to music and painting. The Saturday I was heading off to Rosario for a couchsurfing party I had seen on the site. It was a feijoada (Brazilian girl making typical YUMMMYYY food!) Many people came, it was a great success! I did meet a guy there who happened to be from Cordoba and offered me a ride back (yay no train!). And for those who are probably thinking or wondering, yes I have seen him again since.

So it is fall now, and well being Canadian, I should not be worried about the winter here because it does not go down to -30. However, it is DAMN COLD ANYWAY! It was I think 2 degrees when I left for errands this morning. 2 degrees…is this not SOUTH America?!? Ahaha. Wow. Probably should not be complaining at all to you guys considering I pretty much missed winter back at home…but still. Just letting you all know. Ahaha.

So to end the month in the best way EVER, I got the wonderful news a few days ago that my little brother has booked a plane and is coming to Argentina on May 10th and staying for THREE WEEKS!! I am soooo happy that I get to see him pretty much half way through my time away from home. Plus, we have a week break in May which will allow us to hit the road together on a nice adventure!

So definitely will be updating again! It seems as though the month of May will be filled with stories, adventures and maybe not so much school? Ahaha funny how I always try and keep these notes short…anyway

I hope all is well with you all back at home, that your semesters went well and that your summers will start off even better!

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