July, you have flown by and landed in Montreal

So, as promised, the monthly update. July actually flew by, maybe even faster than the other months. On the first, which was also Canada day, I moved into my friend Mila’s apartment in the city center. We were four girls living in a two bedroom place. My other friend Anne only had a week left. We spent a lot of time together, making fajitas, going to a jazz bar, studying…well a bit ahahaha. And on the last weekend before her departure we headed off to Santa Rosa de la Calamuchita, where Mila is from. There, we hung out, took a walk up the mountain, drank a lot of mate and ate lots of sweets ahaha. I cooked a lebanese meal and Anne made hot wine. It was a little cold but we slept great with all the covers. On our last day we had mate by the river which was really nice.

We had many get togethers in July: going aways, birthdays etc.. On July 20th they celebrate friends day during which friends get together to eat and exchange presents or cards. It is more popular than Valentine’s day. I cooked a full lebanese meal for Mila and Carla and received a book and a hat from them.

July was also the end of the semester for me. I had to hand in papers, write an exam and go for “coloquios”. When you have more than a certain grade in the class, you do not have to write the final exam or paper. Instead, you meet with the professor and have a presentation, discussion about something they previously assign. For literature, I had to read two books and discuss them, for another class I had to defend or explain the professors comments on my paper. But in most of these cases the professors were seemed more interested in asking me about my experience, where I come from, how the weather is back at home, what exactly I study etc etc. I had trouble with one class; the professor was not satisfied with my paper and so I had to re write and re organize it. Then when I met her, she complained about my bibliography and my sources, on how they were not scholarly enough and I should have gone to the library. I thought this was ironic considering my friends usually laugh at me for always taking books out at the library when at Concordia. But anyways, I took her comments and advice. It was a little stressful anyways having to do the work again and I was really annoyed and just wanted it to end already! ahaha. Once that was done, I had to get the professors to go to the office and sign in order for me to get my certifications. I ran around a bit getting everything done but it all worked out.

In July, it is winter. And so, I decided to go diving with this guy I met on a diving site. We called up the agency and went! It was in a lake and we were ready for the water to be cold….but really…not THATTTT cold! I was getting my gear ready and was almost ready to go when I decide to switch around the wet suit I had on and put TWO WET SUITS! and seriously…it was soooo cold. We were only in the water for 24 minutes, but at 11 degrees!

My goodbye party was also really fun. Lucas cooked thai food, and we hung out until 4am! Rosario made an amaziiiiinnnnnggggg chocolate and dulce de leche cake! It was a great way to end the month in Argentina. Saying goodbye was difficult, but not so much knowing that I will be going back in December, as I have a flight on the 15th to head back home; it was more of a see ya later aligator! Although it was difficult to leave that special connection…

So, the big event of the month of July I guess you could say was me coming back to Montreal for 2 weeks, as a complete surprise to everyone! Wow. The reaction on my parents face was PRICELESS! They came back from Las Vegas on July 25th around 8pm. I had arrived that morning at 7h30am. My brother had picked me up and told the parents to meet for sushi in Vaudreuil on their way back from the airport. Dad called when they landed to confirm. So we went. We sat at a table and waited. When we saw the parents arrive, I went to hide in the bathroom. For a while I waited there, SOOOO excited, I had so many butterflies in my stomach ahahaha. I took a peek and dad was not sitting at the table. So I waited longer. Finally I see both of them sitting with my brother and I walk up to the table and say: “Mind if I join you?”. They both look at me, completely surprised, jaw-dropped and staring for about 5-7 seconds. No reaction. Then dad gets up, hugs me and mom starts crying. They really had noooooooo idea. It was our first meal all together since December.

The next day, I had a dinner with all the girls. Turns out Julia knew, but Karine, Reb and Marieve were all shocked as well to see me there, as they all thought that the surprise was going to be Emily (who now lives in New Brunswick). And so, I made some surprise calls here and there and popped up at Eriks as well. It was fun and still is to see everyone before heading back out into the adventure. July is going to end in Mont Tremblant with all my long time high school friends and it is going to be so much fun!


1 thought on “July, you have flown by and landed in Montreal

  1. Its was such a wonderful surprise to see my little girl again…mom xxx…

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