First and not last Night Dive! WOW!

So the day after my last post, I was convinced by my German buddy divers to do my first night dive EVER with them! Usually you do it when you do your advanced course, which I don’t have. But one of them is a dive master and the other is doing his course to become a dive master so I felt comfortable to go with them, especially after doing two day dives in their company….I want to specify that I was still SUPER scared! Just the thought of going diving  in the dark was a scary one…but the water is very clear and I was with the right people. We went down, and at about 5m I had some trouble with my right ear, but after a few minutes it was okay. So down we go, into the darkness and all we see is our own and other people’s flash lights. I was just trying not to look anywhere else, just where my light was pointing because then, its just pitch f*ck*ng  black.

We saw lots of nice life underwater: many big starfish, sea urchins, lobsters, spiny lobster, shrimp, 3 or 4 trumpet fish, many sleeping fish as well, an octopus (!!!), I think an eel or some sort of slithering black and white spotted thing, and a huuuuge baracuda. It was a long dive, 76 minutes under water and with one tank because it was not very deep. Half way through, the local dive master made us go in a circle on our knees at the bottom and signalled us to shut our lights. I started shaking my head and thinking: ah! ya right no way then we are going to be in pitch black ocean water. But then the other dive master took my hand and we closed all our lights. It was something like I have never seen: it was like there were stars under water. It was fluorescent everywhere coming from corals, fish, starfish powder and plankton. We stayed there just looking around us for a while and continued diving. The experience was amazing and I would definitely do it again! Unfortunately there are no pictures! But here is a trumpet fish I got off the internet so you can see what it looks like!

3 thoughts on “First and not last Night Dive! WOW!

  1. Well that’s a great story and I’m sure it was a fantastic experience. Now you need to get your dive master certificate so you can go another time otherwise your Mom might strangle you!!! LOL!

  2. I dindnt know your dad wrote this reply, but it would be a good idea to get certified. love you baby

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