Bye bye mountains…hello skyscrapers!

So yesterday for my last day in Boquete, I visited the national park, well tried to anyways. Turned out that nearly at the end there was a locked gate and we couldn’t go by. The trail we were on is called Sendero de los Quetzales, and is supposedly the nicest trail of the country and it was really beautiful. Nature, rivers, waterfalls! I was with a women whom I had met on my first day in Boquete on the street, we chatted and decided to go together.  She was born in Iran, but lived in America, except for the last 5 years she has been living in China! We had some great talks!

Unfortunately along the way, while we were enjoying the river and the sound of the water, another type of water came down; it started pouring! She had an umbrella and I had my water jacket, but we were lucky to meet Bill and his 56 year old green jeep. We got on for an adventure, it was a bumpy road, at some point we didnt think the jeep would make it up the mountain, but it did and we had a blast! Afterwards we had some lunch and I had a nap and missed yoga class. The night before was let’s try the local rum night with the hostel owner and his friend ahahaha, a nap was needed (even though I very rarely nap).

So today, I got up early and headed to Panama city. I am here now, it seems nice and big compared to where I have been staying, lots of skyscrapers, which I haven’t seen in a while ahahaha. I am currently having a coffee while I wait for Bok, my couchsurfing host. Apparently it is the nicest capital in Central America. Tomorrow we have a jungle adventure thing through the canal should be fun! More pics and stories to come!


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