Living For The City!

(written Sept 4th)

The next morning, I left for David to then transfer and take another bus toPanama city. Seven hours later, I met up with Bok, my couchsurfing host. He had to go back to work but later on we went out for some drinks at an open roof bar where his friend was Dj-ing. It started to rain and we went home because we had to get up early on Saturday.

The tour we booked was a jungle type adventure on thePanama canal. The guide and others were all really nice. We took a boat and saw a lot of wildlife: sloths, many monkeys, an ant-eater (which are very rare!!) some crocodiles, butterflies and many birds.Panama, has nearly 1000 different species of birds, which is not many less thanBraziland considering the size of both countries it’s actually pretty impressive.Colombiahas the largest variety in the world with about 1900 different species!

The canal is currently being expanded and should be completed in August 2014, which also happens to be its 100year anniversary. It is the most important income forPanama‘s imports and exports. We had lunch on an island and headed to the museum where we were explained and saw the functioning of the canal.

After our nap, I cooked some Lebanese chicken for Bok because he had never tried Lebanese food and then we went to a party. It was really fun, his friend was Dj-ing that night too. Everyone or almost had a costume, there were blacklights and paintings on the walls and on people. Today, for my last day, Bok, his friends and I headed to a beach approximately a 2h drive away from the city. On the way, we got “chicheme”, a typical drink made of corn and milk: it had a weird texture and was sweet but it was good and quite filling! The beach had some nice waves, very little people and we had a beautiful sunny day. We stopped at a small local restaurant for dinner and had choripan. I could not have asked for a better weekend, and it was mainly thanks to the kindness and hospitality of the people I was with.

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