Second time around…and still loving it!

So arriving in Cartagena was nice. It was my second time to the city, and although I had really liked it two years ago, it seemed to have preserved its beauty and its charm, and I liked it even more this time around. The old city is amazing, the hostel area has changed a little, it has been renovated and looks really great. So a few of us from the sailing trip ended up at the hostel together and partied quite well on Saturday night. We were all feeling like we were still on the boat, this being before the beers ahahhaa. The next day was a quiet one and at night we got together with most of the people from the sailing trip for some drinks and some food. We were supposed to received our passports as well, but we only got them on Monday, which was also when I left for Taganga, another destination I had loooooved two years ago. I was told it had grown and changed, but besides a few new hostels, restaurants and brand new brick roads (which were sandy ones and some parts were asphalt at the time), the little town kept its cool hip vibe. This is diver central, there are 10 operators! and people come here for the lost city trek. The only reason I came here was do to this trek because two years ago I had run out of time and money. Now, the price has gone up significantly but it is for sure happening. It is considered one of the nicest treks in the world and I can’t go by it twice. However, little un-planned thing happened today. As I was searching for a dive school, I found out that the price for my advanced diver was quite worth it. I get 6 dives, lunches, room, books everything for about 280$. Plus it’s theCaribbeanso…nice warm water, unlikeCanadaahahha. So here I am doing my course for 3 days before I go to the lost city trek for 5 days. Then I will be off, either to the capital or further south not sure yet. No exact plans, they always end up changing anyways. Anyways, more to come in a while, probably will update once I am done the trek, so in about a week!

2 thoughts on “Second time around…and still loving it!

  1. “i was told it had grew and changed”??? it had grown!!! silly kid. Ohhhh boy. Pas fort!!!

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