Parque Nacional Cajas

Today, we got up early and headed to “Parque Nacional el Cajas”, hoping that the supposedly one hour ride would actually not take double or triple the amount of time. Well, after asking the bus guy twice to drop us off at a certain place, and him saying there was no problem, next thing we know we are at the security point of the National Park by the highway….at the EXIT of the park. Great. However, we were lucky that two of the workers were going in that direction and so they brought us to where we were meant to go. That was really nice and they chatted with us during the short drive. Afterwards, we paid our entrance; we were given a map and explained the trails. The one we were meant to do was to take about 4 hours. We started off walking around the Laguna Torreadora, then to the mountain, crossing a forest where I sank into mud almost all the way up to my knee which was great (people back in the city did not look at me funny at all, one woman actually asked me what happened to me, ahahaha). But luckily I had Gore-tek boots that dad bought me in July, and so my feet were still dry, yahoo! Not bad, well the jeans were and still are brown. Anyways. The National Park’s highest point is about 3900m and so walking, you can feel the altitude, but we still managed to walk it in less than 4hours, including a lunch break and some picture breaks. The hike was really nice, the park has many lagoons and with the reflexion of the sunlight it was really beautiful.

We headed back to town after an awesome day, bought some wine and cooked Italian food for our friend Andres J. The day was a lot of fun, and tomorrow is our last in the city!

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