Beach day

October 25th, 2011

We left this morning at about 6am and we hoped to sleep on the ferry…but wow there was no way that would have been possible; it was so wavy and uncomfortable! And so by the time we got back, we ran a few errands and had a one hour nap. During breakfast, we made our lunch, which we packed in plastic bags,latin Americastyle (because we don’t have tupperwares ahaha). I sayLatin Americastyle because when people buy food off the street, it is given to you in a little plastic bag and you eat with your spoon or fork from it.

TortugaBaybeach was recommended and now we understand why. It is a beautiful beach! One of the nicest I have seen so far. The white sand, the turquoise water, waves for surfers, the bay area for mangroves and snorkelers and it was a sunny afternoon. As we walked along the beach there were many big black iguanas just hanging out in the sun and several birds eating little crustaceans. And the sunset was just breath taking.

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