Sierra Negra Volcano

Monday Oct 24th 2011

So we set off nice and early this morning with Renny and the German couple. There was a 40 minute car ride and then we walked for a total amount of 5 hours. Its highest point is only at about 1200m. We went up to the crater which has a 10km radius, making it the second biggest active crater in the world afterIsrael’s. Its last eruption was in 2005 and you can see the difference between black and green soil/lava rock/vegetation. The first vegetation that grows after eruption is cactus.

We were lucky to see several different types of birds like theDarwinfinch, the Galapagos mockingbird, and two other kinds I am trying to find the names!

After lunch, we were all pretty tired and headed off to the beach for some relaxing. We were also meant to go diving on Isabela Island tomorrow (Wednesday), and after organizing everything with the scuba school, we called to change our ferry date and the woman wouldn’t let us. We called her back 3 times and tried to call other agencies that might be able to sell it, but no one would or could help us. Cosima and I felt really bad because Renny’s friend had found a third person to go diving with us and well…it was either we bought another ticket (They sell for 25$!!!) or we went back with our previously purchased one. And well, for economical reason, we decided to go back on Tuesday morning because it was going to cost us a lot more, it would also give me an extra day to rest from my cold and we would dive the following day as planned. We were tired and had beers, a meal and called it a day.

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