Too many goodbyes…Goodbye Galapagos, Ecuador and Cosima! :(

October 28th 2011- October 29th 2011

So in the morning we headed off to the airport and flew toGuayaquil. We spent some time in the airport together, had a sandwich, pan de yuca and yogurt (Ecuadorian thing it is soooo good! It’s bread made with yuca and you have it with yogurt and fruit) and then said goodbye. Cosima is heading back up toColombiaandPanama, and I am going down toPeru,Bolivia and then Argentina. We were both really sad because it is always really nice to have a travel buddy with whom you get along so well with. So there I was inGuayaquilairport, alone, waiting for my 11hour bus toPiura,Peru. I was so tired from waking up early, flying and all that I was able to sleep, until the border. Then it was tossing and turning until arrival destination. Then, I had to wait another 2hs for a bus because they were full. That 3 hour bus went by soooooo quickly! And then I had another bus to take toTrujillo, which I thought was 3hs also, but it ended up being 4h.

Trujillo is a really big city. I arrived there and didn’t feel like staying. I wanted to hop on another night bus to Huaraz, but it was full. And the bus for the next day as well unless I wanted to pay almost triple the price…So…I didn’t know anymore. Because I have a flight from Limaon November 3rd, going to Huaraz was a major detour and I would only really be there for two days. I met an Aussie girl in the bathroom who wanted to go to a place called Huanchaco, beach surfer town so we decided to share a taxi there. And we also looked for a room to share and got a private room with shared bathroom for about 4$ each so that’s cool. I was really exausted after all the buses and soooooo hungry so I ate, had some beers and passed out ahahaha.


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