Peru, Halloweeeeennnnn y Dia de los Muertos

I was so tired of traveling by bus and the vibes were so relaxed in Huanchaco that I stayed there for a few days. Just north, a place called Chicama has the longest left hand wave in the world! But I don’t surf. I used the time to relax, write out some job application letters and take it easy, really easy. InPeru, for Halloween, a bunch of us from the hostel ended up going to a party. We got to the bar and it was full and people were costumed and everything!

On November 1rst, it is a holiday here. They celebrate what is called “el dia de los muertos”. Although normally this day is usually associated withMexico, many Latin American countries celebrate it in different ways. In the rural areas of Peru, the people believe that the spirits of the dead come during the night to appreciate the alters prepared in their homes. They leave offerings that reflect a certain aspect of the dead person’s life (this can be an object, a food that the person enjoyed etc) so that the spirit can enjoy them all night. They leave a frame, flowers and candles and the next day this is all brought to the cemetery. They pray over the food that was left for the spirit and then everyone gathers for a special meal at lunch time.

I also managed to buy a flight fromLimatoCuzco. This route by bus is a really sketchy one and almost all the way through the mountains. The flight was not much more expensive than the supposedly 23h bus, so I bought it. This will save me lots of time also. I will be arriving inCuzcothis afternoon to see some friends and party a bit and then I am off toArequipa! Well, that is the approximate plan, because plans always tend to change!

Also, I bumped into Anna and Judith, the “German sisters” whom I met in my sailboat crossing from Panama to Colombia! It was really good to see them again and catch up! Maybe see them again on the way down, who knows!

Unfortunately at the moment I have no pictures, I will be purchasing some disposable cameras inCuzco. When I will be doing some trekking or tours I will try to get some from others to upload.

3 thoughts on “Peru, Halloweeeeennnnn y Dia de los Muertos

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