Ahhh… Cusco!

The overnight bus fromTrujillowas not the greatest and upon arrival inLimaI had a few hours wait in the airport. I sat and had a coffee and read my book. Next thing I know, I bump into Piotr, the Polish friend we met inQuito, he was off toColombia.

I arrived inCusco, and I almost forgotten how beautiful it is! It was weird, I remembered where everything was still! I went out for dinner with Sadidt and we caught up a lot! I was a little tired and she had to work the next day so we had a drink and called it a night. The following day, I spent walking around, sending postcards, reading my book in the plaza. Then I cooked for Sadidt while she was at work at one of the hostels. At night, we met up with two other girls, had pizza and went out for what was going to be another crazyCuzconight. The following day was a tranquil one. I went and had lunch with Yony and Wendy, the woman and her daughter whom I stayed with two years ago while I was doing my internship. It was really nice to see them, it’s crazy how time flies. They were so happy to see me; it is not often that volunteers or students come back toCuzco. Saturday night was another fun night. We went to what was my favourite place, a bar called Ukukus, where they always have live bands. The second group that played was amazing! Then we went off dancing until about 4 in the morning! On my last day, Sadidt managed to get a few hours off work and we walked aroundCusco, went for ice cream and then I took the night bus toArequipa.

I arrived this morning at about7am. I hung out, read my book and had breakfast while waiting for my room. Then, I headed off to the plaza to check out the city. I sat on a bench to see what the guide book said aboutArequipa. There was a man sitting next to me and he starting chatting and asking where I was from, if I liked Peru etc etc. Then, who walks by? My Aussie friend who I met and spent a few days with in Huanchaco, northernPeru! Ahahaha complete coincidence because we were not able to find eachother on Facebook so we had no idea! While I was inCusco, she had gone toLimaand Nazca. So tomorrow we are both off to Colca canyon for 3 days!

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