The Road of Death

Nov 21rst

So my first reaction to “death road” or the “road of death was: Ya right, I’m not going on a bike down a road called death, and paying for it. But after many attempts at conviction, the kiwis managed to bring me along with them. Everyone had been saying anyways how fun it had been bla, bla, bla, so I said fine, if it is that great, how bad can it be right?

We left early to get our gear, meet our guide and head off to the highest point of 4640m altitude.  The road only goes down, for 64km. The first part of it was pavement so everyone was flying down, I was second to last I think because damn, it’s kinda scary la!

The next part of the road, was rocks; not gravel but not big huge rocks either. So that went even slower. After like an hour and a half, my forearms started hurting sooooooo much! At the end of the road it was almost unbearable! All the muscles were just stretched from the vibrations of rocks and breaking all the time. At some point I even wondered why the hell I had signed up for this shit and given in. But in the end, the scenery was amazing, which I could actually appreciate not bombing down the road, and we had an amazing lunch by the pool. We also had a really nice guide and I would say the day was a good one, but I think it’s one of the things that, I would not do it again ahahaha.

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