Beach, Surf and Sun

Our first stop on the Peruvian coast was a place called Lobitos: very small surfer town that is developing slowly but surely. The beach was nice but the waves were even better. I took pictures and hung out while JJ went to catch some waves, and then came the most beautiful sunset! Then we went to have some dinner in Mancora. This is a very popular destination for surfers around the world, the waves are good and it is a small town with lots of restaurants, bars, hostels etc! We had dinner at a place that was recommended by a friend: we ate amazing fish with avocado and appetizers. They have this drink called Maracuya sour, which is like a Pisco sour, but made with passion fruit. WOW. My new favourite. Ahaha.

The next day was a beach day in front of the house, we hung out, napped in the hammocks and read our books. Later in the afternoon there were a few waves and it was my turn to TRY and surf. I like it because it is challenging but it is really hard to get up on that board!

I only managed to get up on the surf board in Mancora on my third attempt at surfing, for like 2 seconds. YAY! Better than not at all! 

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