Toromatch y Feria San Jose, Las Delicias, Trujillo

March 17th 2012

So I arrived in Lima last night, and this morning we hit the road up to the north of the country. Our first stop was a little place called Las Delicias, right outside the city of Trujillo. Every year for the last 19 years, they have what they call the “Toromatch” and the Feria San Jose: The traditional Peruvian bullfights. It is basically 3 days of parties, parades, live music and on the last day they bring out the bulls. Okay, when I say that, I mean it literally: everyone is outside on their house balconies or they stand in front of houses with big billboards, creating a sort of wall. Then, the bulls are released in the almost empty street. There were no cars, no bikes….only some men crazy enough to stand there and try to catch the bulls by the horns. I was not expecting this, but it was kind of scary and fun to see. The bulls would push whatever was there way, whether man or billboard. I would have neeeeeever gone in the street though! I must say that it was only guys, or men that went ahahaha.

After this, there were the bullfights in the stadium. I had never been to one, even inSpain, and to be honest it was not the greatest thing to watch just because of the suffering that the bulls are put through, and then they are killed. Luckily, they only killed two, and then they sell the meat, so at least it’s not wasted! Afterwards, there were 4 different teams of people from different surrounding towns that had to do games, or challenges with a bull. This did not involve anything violent, just running and getting the bull’s attention with a cape, without getting hit by the bull obviously ahahaha. It was fun because we knew some of the people on one of the teams so we could cheer them on! After that, everything is kind of a blur ahahaha.

We were there Saturday, Sunday and left Monday to go further up north. 

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