The following day we went to Tumbes, which is a city way up in the north, you are almost in Ecuador at this point. It is about a 2h ride! It is not the prettiest city, but it does have a good atmosphere, very hot and barely any cars, all motorcycle taxis! We went to a lookout and visited a natural park before lunch, and then had delicious ceviche with JJ and a co-worker. They have these mashed bananas called platacones, that are sometimes mixed with garlic, or onions or spices and fried in the pan, the

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y are very good! Also, another common thing they have in the north is something called Chilfes, which are like banana chips, but also with roasted corn and spices. Usually this is eaten as an appetizer or with beer. Not the greatest for the belly, but yummy in the tummy! After lunch, we took a boat ride through the mangroves. We got to this one section that had sooooooooooooooooo many birds! I had never seen anything like it to be honest! Different kinds, males, females, baby birds! All just there! It was very impressive! Then we went to see the crocodile farm, where there were about 300-400 from babies to older ones of about 10-12 years old.

Our last day up on the coast we spent with some friends who own a little pastry place in Mancora. We went surfing all together, ate lunch and JJ and I headed back to Piura (further south) to catch a 13h bus back to Lima, during which, this time, my stomach said: NO MORE CEVICHE. Not a fun ride, but all and all, an amazing time!

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  1. Hoy about the bus??????!!!!!

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