Llachon by Lake Titicaca

After a 2h ride from Puno, we arrived in the district of Copachica, and finally in the village of Llachon. We met the family we were going to spend the day and the night with. Jorge and Cristina and their four children: Diego, Helmurs, Jhon and Evelin. We went fishing with the boys on the lake and dropped one net and picked up another with about 30 little fish. Mainly there are trout, and catfish (Mauri) as well as local fish known as Karachi and Ispi. We looked for trout but did not see any. The way they fish is by dropping a 50m net with a stone and a floating material every meter. The fish get caught in it and are taken out the next morning. Another way they fish is with two boats: someone in each boat holds the net and then lifts it up at the same time bringing the fish out of the water. Because it is low season in July, there are not as many fish. Afterwards, we had an amazing lunch of trout, quinoa and potato. Then, we went for a hike up the mountain and reached an altitude of 4120m. The walk had an amazing view, and from the top we could see Bolivia and Amanti and Taquule islands. The small piles of rocks were meant to scare away an animal similar to a small wild pig that digs in the ground for food, which destroys the crops. Nowadays, you can see these piles when you go on walks in Peru and people make a wish while building it. At the top of this hill is also where communities hold ceremonies for offerings to Pachamama “mother earth”. They offer in order to have a good crop and a good agricultural season. To this day, these ancient practices are still followed and the people believe in it.

On our way back down, we saw the sun go down as well. All the families in Llachon have sheep, chickens, cows, a dog to protect their home and also a donkey to help carry anything. Their main activities are agriculture and fishing. They cultivate potatoes, corn, quinoa etc. We also had a really nice tea we had was called muña. It is a plant with a white flower meant to help with altitude and also with any stomach problems.
After dinner, they made us try on their typical clothing and we talked a little and then headed to sleep. The night sky was full of stars and it was quite cold, but we still slept like babies under the wool covers. After breakfast the next morning, it was already time to say our goodbyes and continue our journey on lake Titicaca.

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