Lake Titicaca, Fun Facts!

Lake Titicaca is geographically divided between two countries: 60% of it is in Peru, and the other 40% of it belongs to Bolivia. Because of its name, Peruvians like to say that the “Caca” part of the lake belongs to Bolivia. (ah ah ah).
It is an altitude varying between 3800m-4120m above sea level, making it the highest navigable lake in the world. Its deepest point is 280m deep.
It is 170km long and about 50km wide, totalling 8560 square kilometres.

The cultures that arrived on Lake Titicaca wereL: (starting 1500BC) Pikara, Llawanaco, Collas, Llupacas, the Inkas (1450-1532) and finally the Spanish who conquered the latter.

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