Back in Canada

After the lovely time spent in Peru, working, volunteering and traveling, it was time to come back home (again). However, this time was much easier than the last. I had many exciting things to look forward to: summer, starting a new job, starting my masters, moving into an apartment.

To my surprise, finding the apartment downtown Montreal was quick, and an easy decision. A friend from University told me his sister was moving out and that the person who was going to take up the room ended up leaving the city for personal reasons. So I made the deal and planned to move out for the first week of September.

As for finding a job, well…I ended up working at least 25 hours a week at my old job, as well as small contracts at a pool or for the provincial elections. Meanwhile, I have been searching for something more in my field. But this has resulted quite difficult. The fact that I might not have direct experience in what I would like to do is one thing. The fact that the economy and so many people are looking for work is another. This makes the selection process much more complex for employers, as they receive many resumes and applications.

I have had some discouragements at times, for not hearing back from anyone. Then when I do, I get overly happy and excited, which has not resulted in anything very positive.

Last week, I moved into my new room, reorganized everything and I am now ready to tackle the job market and continue applying to various jobs. As a last resort, I know I can get a job in a coffee shop or bar while I continue applying for other jobs.

In a little more than a week, I will be having a special visit from Peru and at the beginning of October, I will be starting my masters. Lots of positive things coming up!

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