El Avila, a beautiful day hike

So you would think Caracas is only a big city on the Caribbean coast, right?


Caracas also has its natural escapes within the city. One of these is The Avila National Park. It is a great way to escape from the noise and craziness of the big capital. There is a Gondola that can bring you up and down the mountain, BUT the best part is to HIKE up! The highest point is at 2740m above sea level, so you only go up and up and up! It is not only a great workout, but has wonderful views and once you are at the top, you can see all Caracas, as well as the turquoise water of the Caribbean.

There are also campsites and you can take a few days to hike around. However, if camping, bring A LOT of water because there are some points where you cannot find any.

We did one day, about 18km and 8h30mins to the top. There were butterflies everywhere and many different types of birds. We took the gondola back down and soon enough the noise of cars and the city were back. It really was a beautiful escape and it felt like we had been there more than just a day!

Also, it is recommended to go to the National Park with someone who has already been or who knows the way. There are no indications or routes or arrows to show the way, and so it would be very easy to get lost.

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