Faqra Ruins

The Faqra ruins are in Kfardebian, one of the largest villages in the Keserwan Mountain. The village is at an altitude of approximately 1500m above sea level and is 44km from Beirut. The buildings of the site come from three different eras: King Solomon (9th century BC), Prolemaic Dynasty (2nd century BC) and other eras that are undefined. The ruins were worship to the God Adonis, and the temple is in the main area and has 6 Corinthian columns. There are many buildings and constructions we were able to see, such as: The altar, The big tower, the shrine, the big temple and the Atargatis temple.

Approximately 2km away from the site there is a natural stone bridge. The arch measures 38 meters and the spring of the El Leban flows under it all the way into the valley. However, there was no water this year because there was little rain.

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