Mini Quiches

So my fiancé needed to loose 2kilos (about 4.5lbs) for an ultramarathon he is running next month, and one thing he decided to reduce was gluten. He can have pasta or bread but moderate portions and preferably once a day. The only meal I started worrying about was breakfast… But then I found this recipe from 

It is so fast and easy, it can be made in advance and just reheated in the morning, and it has no gluten!


Olive oil (for cooking)
1 package of spinach (10oz or 284g)
4-5 eggs
1 cup of cheese (of your choice, or combination of cheeses)
Salt and pepper to taste


Heat olive oil in a pan, and saute the mushrooms until they are soft (5mins) and set the mushrooms aside. In the same pan, add some water and cook the spinach until it is soft and a darker shade of green.  Drain the water very well from the spinach (especially if it was frozen).

In a bowl, whisk the eggs very well, add the cheese, salt and pepper, and the spinach and mushrooms. Mix all the ingredients and pour them in muffins cups.

Bake for approximately 20mins at 375F or 190C or until the eggs are well set. You can also use a toothpick to check the middle.

When ready, take them out and wait a few minutes before removing the mini quiches. They come out really easily, no need to spray the muffin cups beforehand!

I also made these with mushrooms and red peppers, and added a little red pepper flakes to spice it up!


P.S. I also made a mushroom and red pepper version which turned out delicious!

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