Buenos Aires on-the-go

Top things to do in Buenos Aires

If you are in Buenos Aires for a short period of time, here are a few things you can see:

  1. The Obelisk and its surroundings
  2. Plaza Rosada. Have a picnic or a typical “mate”.
  3. Puerto Madero, have a nice lunch, walk along the strip that follows the river
  4. The botanical Garden (free and a nice little green escape within the city)
  5. The Recoleta Cemetary. A really big cemetery in the city, with sculptures that are very high! There is a nice brunch place in front where you can sit outside and listen to local musicians play jazz and blues.IMG_0661 IMG_0672 IMG_0690 IMG_0700

2 thoughts on “Buenos Aires on-the-go

  1. Awesome! Thanks for posting. I’ll be heading to BA soon and this is so helpful!

    1. Lydia! I am so glad it helped!!! Enjoy Buenos Aires! 🙂

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