Practical Tips when traveling to Honduras

So I love lists. For everything! If you do too, get the APP Wunderlist. It’s great. Anyways, here is a list of important things I have identified that you need to know or to have when you travel to Honduras:

  • Your yellow fever card, you may be asked for it (at the airport, by migration or airlines).
  • Exit tax: approx. 39$ USD. You can pay with your credit card at the airport. As of December 2014, this tax should be included in the purchase of your flight.
  • Exchange rate as of Apr.9th.2015: 1US$=21.87LEMP
  • In Utila, you are better off paying in Lempiras, not in dollars. Exchange your money near Munchies, they guy is called Arnie, he has the best rates on the island.
  • If your dive log book is running short on pages, bring an extra one. The only ones you can buy in Utila are big binders and a little pricy

Did I forget anything? Anyone who has traveled to Honduras, please add in the comments anything you found essential to know/bring to Honduras!

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