Blog anniversary and News

Time flies!
When I originally started my blog, exactly 4 YEARS AGO, I had named it Dania in South America. I was setting off on a new journey, lived in Argentina and traveled throughout the continent. Afterwards, my travels extended to other continents and so I renamed the blog DH Travel.

And just yesterday, some might have noticed another change in the name: La Chola (Travel and Health). The reason for this is, as I settle into Lima, Peru, this is most likely going to become my brand. I am slowly but surely integrating everything I love together: travel, yoga, and healthy living/food.

I am grateful for the years of adventures, travels and experiences I have had- they have been AMAZING and will definitely keep going!

I am also VERY excited about what is to come! (more to be announced soon!)
Thank you everyone for reading, and following me!

1 thought on “Blog anniversary and News

  1. jose juan ciccia July 29, 2015 — 3:32 pm

    Felicitaciones!!! y contento de ser parte de algún contenido en esos 4 años!!! que vengan muchos más!!!! Cholita intelectual!

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