Nasca lines: What you need to know

The Nasca Lines are part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites of the world (since 1994). These geoglyphs can only be seen when flying over the the Nasca desert in Peru.

The lines were created by the Nasca culture between 500BC and 500AD. The figures include various animal and bird shapes (the dog, whale, monkey, parrot, heron bird and humming bird) as well as some human figures (astronaut, hands).

Although people like Maria Reiche have dedicated their lives to studying the Nasca lines, the main question still remains: Why are they there?
Also you may visit the house and museum of Maria Reiche to know more about the lines and her life studying them.

This place is mysterious and impressive. If you are planning to go to the south of Peru, make Nasca one of your stops.

Here is what you need to know about flying over the Nasca lines:

– If you fly in the morning, there is less wind and the plane moves less.

– Eat very lightly before embarking

– I recommend going with the company: MovilAir They are very professional and the pilots speak very good English.


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