Going with the Flow

As an organized person, who loves to make lists (of everything!) I have been trying to just let things happen.
Yoga is a practice of this. Of coordinating your mind and body, your breaths and movements. It is a practice that brings you to the present moment, since the past cannot be changed and the future is unpredictable and out of your control.
I now slowly transition into a new lifestyle; one that is in a new country different from Canada, a life that is mainly in my third language, and one that is no longer a student life but a “grown up” one (whatever that means). I realize that flowing with the occurrences and opportunities that present themselves is even more important. I start teaching a yoga class twice a week (Core Flow and Post workout Yin), and I am getting into a new food business that is unexpectedly flourishing. Maybe these were not the plans, but they are the plans of the NOW. Sometimes life presents to you some things that you never thought possible. And it is there, in that now, that you should just go with the flow.

What do you do when unexpected things happen? How do you find ways “flow” in your everyday life?

2 thoughts on “Going with the Flow

  1. Flow can be tricky as sometimes the universe has plans I didn’t know about! But when life throws me a curve ball I take my moment to feel all of my emotions about it, and then I just look forward. Where will this new stream take me? When I trust that the universe has my back, it is revealed!

    1. Thanks Christine 🙂 tuning into emotions is something that is really important! “Where will this new stream take me” is a tricky question… Because you never really know… I guess that’s when you gotta follow your intuition (or gut, or heart ahaha)

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