Tips for Hiking Adam’s Peak


Hiking Adam’s Peak, or butterfly mountain as it is known in Sri Lanka, is one of the top things I would recommend doing if you travel to the country. The mountain looks like a cone, and has al altitude of 2,243m. It is located in central Sri Lanka and can be reached by train and bus.

I was actually surprised at how many locals with their families were going up the same night as us. At the top, you can see that the footprint of Buddha in the temple, making the site an important one for Buddhism and pilgrims.

Here are a few things you need to know if you plan on hiking Adam’s Peak:

  • Dress warm! (it is cold in the morning, bring a hat, scarf, gloves).
  • A headlamp could be useful
  • comfortable walking shoes or boots
  • Stay overnight at a small hotel or guesthouse in Dalhousie and start climbing during the night.
  • Do not forget to see the unique, perfect shadow in shape of a triangle that forms once the sun rises (many tourists simply leave but it is one of the only places in the world where this phenomenon happens)
  • Busiest months are January and February
  • Weekends are more crowded, so try to plan to go during the week.

Planning a trip to Sri Lanka? Include this in your itinerary! You will remember it forever


Going down
View of the perfect triangle




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