Ilha do Mel

Translated into English, this island is known as honey island. It is a little hidden paradise where the ecosystems are flourishing and where you can let nature takes over your senses.

You can get to the port by car or by bus from Curitiba. It takes approximately 2 hours. From the port, you take a short boat ride to the island.


One thing I regret is not spending one (or more!) nights on the island. There are many rustic lodges and cute places (known in Portuguese as pousadas) where you can rent a room right by the beach. The calmness of the island, people walking or bicycling give it a very laid back vibe. The views are stunning, the white sandy beaches, the surfing, the fortress, the amazing fried fish all make it a little place you won’t want to leave.

I definitely recommend you take a trip to Ilha do Mel if you are in the Curitiba area!


2 thoughts on “Ilha do Mel

  1. Wow, that dish looks amazing! Oh, and the beach too haha

    1. Ahahaha it was a huge fish! We shared it between 5 people 😮

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