New Year, New Intentions

I feel like we sometimes just throw Happy New Year wishes around as if we were just saying “Hello” (myself included!!). But really really, what does it mean to celebrate and welcome the New Year? What does it mean to choose and make our “resolutions” for the next 365 days? And how many of us can actually make it through the year accomplishing them?

Although we have already started the New Year, it still isn’t too late to start or continue our reflections and formulate and refine our intentions.

After watching/listening to Acqua and Yoga Girl sharing their rituals, tips, and reflections on receiving the new year, I decided to take on some of these practices and share them along.

  1. Intention. I think the most important thing is to not have a list of things to do or that we want to accomplish during the year. The really big changes may happen on the course of more than 365 days… For example, last year, my intention was to let go of negative thoughts to focus on positive ones. Yea, that’s a big one, and it is still a work in progress. However, throughout the year, I would constantly remind myself of my intention, come back to it, and find ways to apply it. So choose one, two or maybe 3 things that are the most important to you and others. By choosing less, it will be easier to focus on your intention during the year.
  2. Retrospection and gratefulness. One really important thing I enjoyed doing was making lists for this part. It is actually hard to remember all the events and moments lived in the last year. Of course some will come up right away. Write them down. When you start blanking on moments and experiences, take out your phone or Instagram account and look at the pictures you have from January to December. Remember. Write them down. I made these two main lists: 1) everything you accomplished in the past year and 2) everything you are grateful for (events, people, moments, etc).
  3. Let go. Of everything that no longer serves you (people, places, objects, old perceptions, opinions, judgements, grudges, etc). Make this list and then re-read it and reflect on it. Remember those moments or things or people and the feelings associated to them. Then, burnt your list or tear it apart.  Another thing you can do is to clear you environment of what you no longer need (clear your closet, clean your home, give away what you no longer need). This helps start the New Year fresh.

Extra little things that you can do during this process:
– Sharing any or all of these reflections with others.
– HANDwrite it all. If you want, you can even write your intention down and add colour, stickers, and make it beautiful and creative. Your letting go list can be burnt or torn apart and thrown away.
– Burn sage or palo santo to cleanse your environment, objects, etc.

Do you have any rituals, tips, or ways you like to start the New Year? Please share them with me 🙂


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