Living for 30 years

It is interesting how a few months ago, just the thought about turning 30 brought a “Oh geez, whyyyyy” reaction. As I welcomed the new year, I started looking back at the last year, at the last two years, and even further down the line. I was just amazed at how much I have accomplished and LIVED and Learned so far.

In those thirty years, I have learned so many things: from walking (apparently the most difficult thing for us to learn) to talking (more than 1 language!). I did so many sports like skiing, karate, skating, broom-ball, swimming, yoga, canoeing, kayaking etc. I have played musical instruments like the piano, guitar, saxophone and electric bass… I learned how to drive a car, and I had an accident. I learned how to ride my bike, and have also fallen off it. I remember having a home phone and no cable, to living in a world where people have screens everywhere, even in their pockets. I traveled the world, met so many kinds of people, tried many kinds of food. Life has given me so many lessons, and has taught me that when I fall, I can pick myself up and keep going because there will always be ups and downs.

And then, I decided to make the list of things that I accomplished and did in the last 10 years… and even more wows. So, to celebrate, I decided to make the list of 30 accomplishments so far:

  • Learnt to speak a third language completely
  • Traveled to over 30 countries
  • Worked in Switzerland
  • Studied in Argentina
  • Lived in two countries
  • Hitchhiked in Spain and Portugal
  • Partied and danced until morning
  • Backpacked alone across Central and South America
  • Went to university and got a degree
  • Then I went back and got a Masters degree
  • Got my first dan black belt in karate
  • Adopted two cats
  • Taught many things to others: skiing, English, yoga, cooking
  • learnt how to play musical instruments
  • Worked many different kinds of jobs (sometimes having 2 or 3 jobs at the same time)
  • Established myself as an autonomous worker
  • Fell in love
  • Got married
  • Hiked my first 7 summit
  • Became a homeowner
  • Said goodbye to family I loved
  • Said hello to new ones
  • Started my blog
  • Became director of a travel magazine
  • Started and fell in love with yoga
  • Developed a meditation practice
  • Became an avid baker
  • Learnt how to be independent
  • Became more patient
  • Stopped holding grudges

In the end, this list simply reminds me to be grateful. Grateful for all these positive learning experiences that have made me who I am today. What matters most above all, is being true to yourself and to others, and achieving happiness in whatever you do.



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