So this morning we woke up early in order to go to the ruins of Ingapirca. They were meant to be about 2 hours away. Unfortunately, the people working on the buses were not very helpful. We knew where we had to go and what to ask for, but we didn’t know the way and where exactly we were meant to stop. Although we told them, I think they did not really care and well we ended up taking a few buses, some useless ones, and it took us about 5 hours to actually get to the ruins. We were kind of frustrated but still took the tour and visited them properly.

“Ingapirca” literally means wall. The ruins are the most important of Ecuador, located at 3160m, they were left uncovered and were discovered during the 18th century. The place was initially owned by the Canaris, and later the Incas came to conquer and live there too. Later, most of it was destroyed after the Spanish conquered. It was built for administrative, political and religious motives. There was a temple of the Sun (Incas) and the temple of the moon (Canaris) and its location was key for star watching and astronomy as well as its fertile soils.

After our little tour, we were back off toCuenca, hoping that the ride would be faster than the way there. It took us about 3hours because we got stuck in a village waiting for the next bus, obviously we had missed it by about 5 minutes.

Back to Cuencawe had a little something to eat and drink and went to bed fairly early, trying to get rid of the colds we have before heading to Galapagos!

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