Floreana Island

Saturday, Oct.22nd 2011

We booked a tour to visit another one of the islands. The distances on the map do not seem very big, but really, fromSanta Cruzto Floreana, Isabela orSan Cristobalis a 2hour ferry ride. And man, they charge you 25$ one way!! It is ridiculous. Oh and by the way, when they say ferry, they do not mean the really big ones like we have at home, they mean a little speed boat that fits about 20 people in it and in which you definitely feel the waves ahaha.

So off we went on our little tour. Our guide never really introduced himself so that was quite disappointing, but he still did manage to give us some information. We got to see many big tortoises. Their age can be told by the number of lines on their carapace, so less lines means older! We also saw some iguanas, turtles and sea lions.

Parenthesis: During the year 1835 is when Charles Darwin arrived to the island. In 1929, the first people to settles on Floreana were Germans: the Rittmer and Wittmer families. In consequence of visitors and settlements, the tortoise and the mockingbird became extinct.

Afterwards, were had lunch and went snorkelling. Many did not go, but I wanted to even if the water was meant to be cold. Oh damn it was! You definitely need a wet suit, I think I lasted 7 minutes and I was out warming up in the sun. After the two hour boat ride, lucky as I am, I was sick with a sore throat and a cold. Just my luck! So now the main goal is to get better to go diving! Which is now definitely not happening Sunday, but later on this week when we get back from the other island.

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