Cordoba, My Second Home

So I leftBolivia, and at the border, they wanted to charge us to leave, which was not going to happen. The friend I was with dealt with it, but then everything was fine and we crossed. We then arrived at the border town ofLa Quiaca in Argentina. It is really funny because when you arrive there, it says: Welcome to la Quiaca. Ushuaia 5160km (which is the other end of Argentina). It is actually really nice (for a border town, which normally have the reputation of being ugly, dangerous and drug centrals). I had already planned to not stay in the north ofArgentina, as I wanted to go to my “second home”Cordoba. Everyone has told me, and I saw through the bus window, that northernArgentinareally seems beautiful, and it will have to be for the next time. I was still recuperating from my fever, I was tired, and the four last months of traveling had gotten to me. I wanted to be somewhere I knew, with people I knew and it was just time to go home. I was well received with the people I love, good meat, great wine and fun times.

It has been 10 days that I have been here in Cordoba, seeing friends, catching up, taking in some sun (it is summer here ahaha) and filling out job applications. Now that the fun is over, and that this chapter has ended, a new one is starting. Since most job applications are done online, I have been taking the time to do this while I am here, so when I get back home I can spend the time with my family and friends back inCanada.

See you all next week!

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