Diving in Rapa Nui, Chile

Did you know that the water has a visibility of 70m? It has some of the clearest water in the world and divers come searching for just that. There are many different types of dives that can be done, and for all levels: caves, cliffs, and arches and bridges. There are many colorful fish, but the island is known for its abundance of sea turtles.

One of the Moai can be found 24m under water as well. It was submerged by Mike Rapu in 2004 in honor of his grandfather. Also, Orca is another diving school that does various expeditions to different sites. Apparently, the owner of Orca was on Jacques Cousteau’s tripulation during his expeditions, and still gives lessons! so if you have a chance to walk in and he is there, definitely go speak with him!

Site: http://www.english.mikerapu.cl/?idcat=Home&idtypep=5731

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