Adventures in the Peruvian Amazon

Flying over the mountainous greenness, we slowly lowered down into the Amazon and came to a landing. As I stepped off the plane, onto the taxi and hit the road to our hotel, the humidity and heat entered my body and I felt taken over by all of my senses and surroundings. It did not take me long to realize that I was setting off on a new path filled with new experiences, discoveries and secrets that were hidden in the Amazon. The next day, we took a tour to the Blue Lagoon, approximately 50km away from the city. It was approximately a 2-hour drive, on some paved and some unpaved road. The most impressive mode of transport I have yet seen was the ferry used to cross the lake; its rudimentary appearance also a little worrisome, managed to bring people and other motor vehicles across the river. While we waited, young men with boas around their necks asked us if we wanted to take a picture with the long reptile, whose mouth was shut tightly. We refused, not being supporters of these anti-ecological business practices.

We arrived at the Blue Lagoon and admired its blue reflection with the sun. We were offered an Amazonian pizza made with a type of banana, cheese and meat and after a swim in the lake we had lunch.

Other touristic attractions that can be done near Tarapoto are the Ahuashiyacu falls, visiting local communities in Lamas and the chocolate factories, as well as trying any fresh fruit juices and typical regional food.

Regional food: Juane de Gallina, de chonta; Patarashca; Tacacho; Timbuche (fish soup)

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